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Please welcome the new chaplain at Cape Cod Hospital, Mary Hansen-Joyce.

NEWSLETTER: We publish a monthly Newsletter for the Cape Cod Council of Churches. Click here to read them and, if you wish, become a subscriber to them.

A Baby Center's "Baby Boxes" were detailed in an article in the Cape Cod Times.

As a response to the horrors of violence set loose among us, we share the following prayer sent out by the Massachusetts Council of Churches.

May we actively work for peace and practice love of our neighbors.

Edye Nesmith, Director, Cape Cod Council of Churches

Prayer from Leonardo Espinosa, Working Board member
of the Massachusetts Council of Churches.

Eternal God,
once we were lost, and you showed us the light.
We now come to you
as darkness is at work;
as we are threatened by fracture,
injustice, and violence.

Merciful God,
pour your Spirit unto us, the Bind of Love,
and grant us the power and courage to subdue evil
and fight for unity and understanding,
digging deep into the unknown —into the other—
to bestow the compassion and solidarity
needed amidst distress and suffering.

Steadfast God,
pour your Grace unto us;
grant us the gift of unwavering hope,
and seeing the things to come,
may we become an instrument of reconciliation.

We are no longer Jew or Greek,
slave or free, male or female,
white, brown or black;
We are One in Christ Jesus.

Eternal God, binding love,
we are many,
we are broken.
Receive us as we are
And send us off as One.
Dios eterno,
cuando estuvimos perdidos, nos enseñaste la luz.

Venimos hoy a ti
amenazados por las tinieblas del mal;
amenazados por fracturas, injusticias, y violencia.

Dios misericordioso,
derrama tu Espíritu en nosotros, el lazo de amor,
y danos el poder y el valor para dominar el mal
y luchar por la unidad y el entendimiento,
escudriñando en lo desconocido —en “el otro”—
y poder otorgar la compasión y solidaridad
necesaria en la ansiedad y el sufrimiento.

Dios fiel,
derrama tu gracia en nosotros;
derrama el don de la esperanza incesante,
y viendo las cosas por venir
seamos un instrumento de reconciliación.

No somos más Judíos o Griegos,
esclavos o libres, hombres o mujeres,
blancos, morenos o negros.
Somos Uno en Cristo Jesús.

Dios eterno, lazo de amor,
somos muchos,
Recíbenos así,
y mándanos como Uno.




For more Information: Call the Council at 508-775-5073




Cape Cod Council of Churches, 320 Main St., Hyannis, MA 02601 • Phone:

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