This is the deadline - October 15 - for the 2020 Census, and we need your help.

The current administration has cut short both the timeline for counting and the funding, and we're thick in multiple pandemics that require our attention and care. We know you are doing the best that you can!

A complete Census Count ensures federal funding for the next ten years. As of this email, only 58% of Boston households had self-responded. We need your help!

A Baby Center, behind the Federated Church in downtown Hyannis, is the Diaper Bank for Cape Cod. Read how they are helping Cape Codders now in this interview with Director, Robin Hayward with Newscenter.        LISTEN TO THE RADIO INTERVIEW BELOW:

New guidelines are issued from Cape Cod Health Care re COVID-19  

Cape Cod Healthcare President and CEO Michael K. Lauf announced :
Today with the number of presumed cases of Coronavirus in Massachusetts nearing 100, Cape Cod Healthcare and local nursing homes are placing restrictions on visits to patients in their facilities. As of Wednesday, March 11th, only one designated caregiver — such as a parent, spouse or legal guardian — will be allowed to visit patients at Falmouth and Cape Cod hospitals and JML Care Center in Falmouth. The hospitals and nursing home operated by Cape Cod Healthcare also will screen visitors for respiratory symptoms and to determine if they have traveled through areas with widespread COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus, in the past 30 days.

-Read more on the response on Cape Cod to the coronavirus

CCHC also provides Guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting places of worship:

With ongoing news reports about the coronavirus, COVID-19, outbreak, you may have become much more vigilant about cleaning to prevent the spread of the virus in your home or place of work or community gathering.

Both the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the federal Environmental Protection Agency have detailed advisories and recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting homes, businesses, schools, places of worship and other community facilities. These recommended disinfectants are also effective against other infectious diseases, like influenza.

Below is a link to the specific recommendations:

CDC list of disinfectants effective against COVID-19 (scroll down to page 2)

This photo of A Baby Center was featured in a national article about Diaper Banks. 

Read more on their website:

Don’t miss this inspirational video by the Elks about A Baby Center!

Faith Leaders and Scientists Make Joint Appeal for Climate Action

“As a community of faith leaders, we have worked together to alleviate poverty, fight racial and social injustice, and defend human life. All of these are negatively impacted by climate change.” Read more.

National Council of Churches Urges Prayers for Peace, 

Pleads for Calm, Civility, and Healing

We ask all candidates for political office to act with restraint, to forego insults, to remove attack ads, and to express respect for their opponents. We ask those currently holding political office to work in a bipartisan manner to seek solutions to our nation’s problems. We commit ourselves as followers of Christ to work with our interreligious partners to deepen understanding, to seek peace, and to do our part to help our nation move past the current crisis.

Read the complete statement

Learn about the Faith Family Kitchen and its director, Jeni Wheeler

•     Big news for part-time pastors:  a $70million grant. Read more
And read this article about supporting “Bi-Vocational” part time pastors.

•     Check out the newly updated A Baby Center website

•     Independence House's International Festival

As one of the local agencies providing human services, the Council participated in Independence House's International Festival on the Hyannis Green. The Festival placed an emphasis on embracing the cultural community right here on Cape Cod. Pictured are: Tom Ryan (Chair of the Council's Ad Hoc Committee on Migration and Refugees), Elizabeth Okegbare from A Baby Center, along with her granddaughter, Kaori Croom, and Edye Nesmith, Executive Director of the Council of Churches.