News’s Sunday Journal interviewed our director, Edye Nesmith, to hear about what we do.

January 7, 2021
Yesterday was a terrible day.

On the Day of Epiphany, when we welcome our Lord as Light and Love, we witnessed violent destruction in our country's Capital and an assault upon our Democracy.

Surely, we are all shakened by the horrors inflicted upon each of us as Americans. We rightly question how and why events unfolded as they did. We mourn the deaths of four of our countrymen and women. And we worry about days to come as our countrymanages deep divisions that are being expressed through hatred and untruths.

During this upheaval, may we reach out to one another in caring and concern. May we stand up for our democratic ideals. May we work hard to enact equal justice for all. May we be agents of healing. And may we hold fast to Christ's message to love one another. 

I thank our Chaplain, Rev. Ed Larson, for the following prayer:

"Prayer For Our Country in Crisis."

"We’re trying to recover, O Lord, from a day of violence and terror waged upon this country we love. As people of faith we come to You; for You are the rock; the foundation upon which we’ve built our lives.

  For all of us, so deeply disturbed by events of recent days, come with your Spirit of calm.

  For all who serve in The House and Senate, who faced the shock and fear of hostile intruders, come and console them today and in the days to come.

  For all who grieve the deep divisions within our country, unite us in finding common ground upon which we may stand together in the care and compassion of others. Come and heal us, O Lord.

  For the commitment of law enforcement officers, fire fighters, the military, and paramedics, we thank you. Despite the jeers, threats, and assaults we remain grateful for the values of restraint and service they exemplify.

  For a new day when the sick, dying, homeless, jobless and hungry of our nation will become high priorities for our elected leaders, come, Holy Spirit.

  For your Church, O Lord, that we may continue to minister to the families and needy of our communities, keep us rooted in the love and grace of the Gospel. Keep us faithful as ambassadors of you Son, Jesus Christ.

  Guide us, deliver us, unite us and console us during this time of national crisis. You, Lord, are our refuge and strength. Remain with us this day and in the days that lie ahead. Come, O Lord, to us as a nation and to us as your Church through your Son Jesus Christ, our Savior.


(Rev. Ed Larson, 2021)

I ask God's blessing on each of you and on our country.


Edye Nesmith, Council Director

A Baby Center, behind the Federated Church in downtown Hyannis, is the Diaper Bank for Cape Cod. Read how they are helping Cape Codders now in this interview with Director, Robin Hayward with Newscenter.        LISTEN TO THE RADIO INTERVIEW BELOW:

This photo of A Baby Center was featured in a
national article about Diaper Banks. 

Read more on their website:

Don’t miss this inspirational video by the Elks
about A Baby Center!

Faith Leaders and Scientists Make Joint Appeal for Climate Action

“As a community of faith leaders, we have worked together to alleviate poverty, fight racial and social injustice, and defend human life. All of these are negatively impacted by climate change.” Read more.

National Council of Churches Urges Prayers for Peace, 

Pleads for Calm, Civility, and Healing 

We ask all candidates for political office to act with restraint, to forego insults, to remove attack ads, and to express respect for their opponents. We ask those currently holding political office to work in a bipartisan manner to seek solutions to our nation’s problems. We commit ourselves as followers of Christ to work with our inter-religious partners to deepen understanding, to seek peace, and to do our part to help our nation move past the current crisis.

Read the complete statement

Learn about the Faith Family Kitchen and its director, Jeni Wheeler

All are invited to gather virtually in celebration of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy on Sunday, January 17, 2021 at 3 p.m. This special interfaith service will be accessible using the link:

The Rev. Dr. King wrote, “The question is not whether we will be extremists but what kind of extremists we will be. Will we be extremists for hate or for love?” The service will address our community’s ongoing work confronting racism and enacting equal justice as we feature recordings of Barnstable County youth speaking in a “Listening Session” this fall that was sponsored by the Barnstable No Place for Hate group. The youth speak powerfully about their first hand experiences as people of color living on the Cape. Their messages are particularly meaningful during this year that has seen such racial and social unrest.

The Service will feature music, prayers and a good will offering to benefit the Scholarship Fund of the Cape Cod Chapter of the NAACP.  All are welcome.

For more, download this flyer.

The Gift of Pastoral Community: 
Bi-Vocational Pastors

The joy of Christmas is upon us. Yet, this has been a very difficult year for the Body of Christ and for the world at large. The economic hardship has created an environment where many are forced to rethink how we engage in gift-giving and even receiving gifts.

As a bi-vocational pastor, one of the greatest gifts that continues to bless me is the gift of pastoral community. I feel privileged and blessed to learn from so many amazing and gifted leaders across the commonwealth.

The Massachusetts Council of Churches wants to share that same gift with the great bi-vocational pastors across Massachusetts.

Creating space for bi-vocational pastors to share, learn and grow in community with like-minded leaders is essential to the thriving of our churches and communities in this difficult moment for our country.

As we continue to pivot and adjust at the Mass Council of Churches and envision our next cohort of Lydia Fellows, we are excited to support our next round of bi-vocational pastors that will help us learn and adapt to the changing needs of our community.

Information on the application for the 2021 Lydia Fellows is available now.

If you are interested in learning more about the Lydia Fellow, please email Reverend Carrington Moore

Cape Cod Council of Churches, 320 Main St., Hyannis, MA 02601

Phone: 508-775-5073